Beside the famous escargots, Burgundy is well known for its restaurants and fine dining. In a 30 miles radius you can find some of the most exquisite restaurants in France. Starting with Georges Blanc in Vonnas (30 miles), a three stars restaurant in the Michelin Guide, or Bernard Loiseau, another three star restaurant in Saulieu (40 miles).

There is also Lameloise at Chagny-en-Bourgogne (10 miles), a two star restaurant or Le Jardin des Ramparts, the one star restaurant in Beaune.

Without going to these world-renowned restaurants, there are still plenty of other options in Beaune and in the vicinity, which offer superb dining, at more modest prices. Suggestions include Bernard Morillon, L’Ecusson, L’Auberge Bourguignonne etc.


Several websites offer a treasure of information about Burugundy and its many activities and riches. Here are just two you might want to explore.


Burgundy offers a number of recreational possibilities beginning most typically with wine tasting. All of Burgundy’s most prestigious wines are lovingly grown and produced by growers and merchants who are happy to welcome you to their cellars. Wineries, such as Clos de Vougeot (, Château de Pommard (, and many others can be visited during the tourist season starting early April through mid November.


See Burgundy at a slow pace from the water. Take your time – there are 1,250 kilometers of rivers and canals to explore, exclusively open to pleasure boats. Boats can be rented for a day or longer.


With over 800 kilometers of cycle tracks and green roads biking will take you on a trip around Burgundy. Feel free to rent a bike and explore the region on your own. These trips can offer a more personalized experience. You can talk to people who are always very welcoming to tourists. Bikes can be rented for the day or longer in Beaune.


Discover Burgundy on foot, by car or biking. However, another exciting alternative is by hot air balloon. A hot air balloon ride over this region provides you a different experience and exciting sensations. Seen from the sky, the countryside of Burgundy is among the most beautiful in the world. A hot air balloon flight is the perfect way to enjoy a  tour of the vines of Chablis, Rully or Maconnais or the Hospice de Beaune, from a  diffferent angle.


Exciting panoramic views of Beaune and its environs. Tours and gourmet destinations in Burugundy.

Arriving in Beaune, one of the first stops, must be the “Hospice de Beaune,” which is well known by wine lovers not only for its expensive auction every year in November, but also for its XVI century old hospital. The museum reproduces the atmosphere of the hospital at that time, in addition to housing original tapestries and many other artifacts from that period.

Beaune is also known for its antique boutiques. Feel free to let your eyes wander and experience the old parts of Beaune through its antique shops.